15 QAnon influencers sue YouTube for removing their content from the platform

For the Record, I do not agree with the left leaning slant coming from this article calling Qanon Baseless Conspiracy Theory.

I’m simply posting this here to show that the Qanon folks are fighting back against Big Tech and defending their 1st amendment rights.

Now a couple paragraphs from the article:

After YouTube’s crackdown on QAnon and other conspiracy-theory content, the platform is being sued by 15 former creators who allege their removals were part of anti-conservative bias.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in US District Court in Northern California, seeks a temporary restraining order to reinstate the accounts of the 15 plaintiffs, some of whom had hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Source: https://www.insider.com/conspiracy-theory-influencers-sue-youtube-for-removing-content-qanon-2020-10

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