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Seen on facebook: I’m in a state of shock. First, I feel like we have lost of lot of rights this last year that we’ve taken for granted.

I’m in a state of shock. First, I feel like we have lost of lot of rights this last year that we’ve taken for granted. This year was the year I realized that I am not safe in many areas and that we have elected officials who do not care if your store is looted or your friend is killed. I felt like I lost my free speech rights when Facebook started to block some of my messages and when the entire social media community blocked the largest story of the election – how Joe Biden is compromised by our #1 adversary, China.

We are beginning to become like a 3rd world country and those who voted for Biden or refused to vote for Trump because they didn’t like his “style” or some other petty thing, shame on you. You have sacrificed our country for some stupid selfish reason.

And now I feel like the right to have a fair and free election has disappeared. In my 40 years of politics, I have never seen such voter fraud. Five key states in which Trump had a strong lead all night suddenly stopped counting votes around 1 am and then, mysteriously, started up again the next morning with a large influx of Biden votes suddenly appearing. The GOP kept control of the Senate, picked up seats in the House and dominated state legislature elections nationwide. Generally, this almost always means that the guy at the top of the ticket also wins.

Something is very wrong and I believe illegal aliens have corrupted the race in Arizona. The illegal alien population of AZ is around 400,000 and we now have a number of studies that conclude between 10% and 15% of these illegals routinely vote. That means between 40,000 and 60,000 illegals are voting in AZ. Even if only 5,000 illegals voted, that’s enough to affect the election in AZ. I know this because as a former California legislator, I spent much time studying the illegal alien vote.

I know, for example, that during the Obama/Biden years, the liberals created an entire agency to go out and register “immigrants” without concern if the person was legal or not. Everyone knew this was happening but no one called for an investigation for fear of being called “racist.” Even in the last few years, two different groups funded by George Soros have been registering illegals in AZ. They knew this day was coming and they were preparing for it. We were not.

This is why Trump won Arizona four years ago and why he’s having trouble winning it now. If we don’t break the back of this corrupt system now, we will never have another chance to do so. But there is a a way to do it.

Every court system in Arizona maintains a data base of registered voters to be used to send out letters requesting that voters serve on a jury. The standard jury notice lists a number of exemptions one can check to get out of jury service. One of them says something like this: “I can’t serve as a jury member because I am not a citizen of the United States.”

Let me assure you, thousands of illegals check that box. If the Trump campaign can get a judge to allow them access to this list, they will find thousands of AZ voters who are not citizens. This number is far larger than ballots cast by dead people, ballots returned pass the deadline, etc. This is the largest number of illegal votes out there and if the Trump legal team doesn’t go after the removal of these non-citizens, we will lose Arizona and, I fear, we will lose the country. I’ve tried to get this info to the Trump team but I’m not sure if anyone is listening.

What they did: They lied about RUSSIA! They lied about Stormy! They lied about Qud Pro Quo! They Impeached for no reason!

They lied about RUSSIA!
They lied about Stormy!
They lied about Quid Pro Quo!
They Impeached for no reason!
They created hysteria about the China Virus!
They Burn, Loot, and Murder in our Cities!
They call us racists!
They tear down our Statues and History!
They delete our social media accounts without warning and for no reason!
They REFUSE to report corruption with EVIDENCE!
They threaten us with riots and violence if we win!

Remember that back in 2018 DHS called for verifiable ballots for 2020 election

DHS chief calls on officials in all 50 states to have ‘verifiable’ ballots by 2020 election

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Wednesday called on election officials in all 50 states to ensure that ballots used during the 2020 presidential election are able to be audited.





If you have been following for a long time and you know the term “watch the waters” you probably understood it to mean the 3 gorges dam but it was never referring to that!! The “watch the water” intel refers to …..THE WATERMARK on the official election ballots!!!! The original ballots are also registered on a QFS blockchcain to prevent fraud. 12 states were targeted. The National Guard has been deployed to 12 states: Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Washington, Virginia, Delaware, Illinois and Kentucky and they are now counting the official ballots!!!!

The DEMS fell right into the trap of this sting operation and TRUMP has it all!!! Fraud will be exposed for the world to see.
And isn’t it fancy how the amazing Justice Amy was confirmed right before the election so that she can rightfully take care of the business of election fraud…. Oh and this is only the beginning of the EPIC times that lie ahead!!!

So, did Trump win by a landslide? You will soon see that he did!!!!!!!!


BOOM Election Fraud Alert! Watch THE WATERMARK on the official election ballots